WP3 focuses on self-organized laser-induced structure formation (microcones, ripples) on hard inorganic materials like, silicon, steel, bronze and titanium alloys (FORTH, Fraunhofer IPT, BAM) and includes the tasks 3.1 Laser-based mimicking of lizard structures, 3.2 Laser-based mimicking of bug structures, 3.3 Characterization of fluid transport (FORTH only) and friction/wear (BAM only), and 3.4 Complementary modelling of ultrafast laser-induced periodic surface structures. Task 3.2 will mimic the topography and water transport function of the bug cuticle (milestone M5). If successful, these structures will be up-scaled and integrated into the bearing design in WP4. Task 3.2 also includes the activities for clarification of the role of topographic micro- and nano sub-structure and will be active until project end.