WP2 "Organic Materials" concentrates on the characterization and structuring of soft organic materials as the scales from lizard exuviae, the cuticles of bark bugs and their replications in polymer materials. The functional characterization includes the analysis of the topology, the wetting properties, the chemical composition, and the biological mechanistic function of the animal integument. The WP is sub-divided in the Tasks 2.1 characterization lizard skin, 2.2 characterization bug cuticle, 2.3 polymer replica of bug cuticle, 2.4 laser-processed polymer model, and 2.5 theoretical modelling. Task 2.1 ends at month 6 with milestone M1. Then the work concentrates only on bug cuticles (Task 2.2), which will aim to understand the biological mechanism for the fluid transport out of the capillaries onto the plates (M2). Task 2.3 and 2.4 aim to produce polymer replica of the bug cuticle, to obtain structures for optimized fluid transport (M6).