Brief description and aims of work

FORTH is the largest and most successful Research Institution in Greece (1125 personnel) incorporating 7 Institutes. In this project FORTH will participate with the Institute of Electronic Structure and Laser (FORTH-IESL), which is a multi-disciplinary scientific laboratory that focuses its research on fundamental and applied issues related to materials science and technology and laser interactions with matter. Particular emphasis is placed in the study of laser interactions with materials by employing novel ultrafast laser systems. The facilities cover a broad regime comprising: a) state of the art amplified ultrashort pulsed laser systems and b) instrumentation for materials research, including a variety of techniques for analytical measurements and characterization. The staff of IESL amounts to ~ 250 personnel and the annual budget at ~10 M€. IESL-FORTH, has been selected by EU and operates as a European Laser Research Infrastructure currently in the frame of LASERLAB-Europe ( as well as a European Nanofoundry for Fine Analysis in the framework of NFFA-Europe. These facilities incorporate state-of-the-art equipment in combination with highly specialized human expertise, capable of supporting cutting edge research projects of European researchers active in interdisciplinary scientific fields. In the Ultrafast Laser Micro- and Nano- processing group (ULMNP) of IESL research is focused on the experimental and theoretical study of the fundamentals and applications of laser-induced micro- and nanostructuring of a variety of materials. It is a world expert group in the field of biomimetic laser processing comprising highly skilled scientists in order to carry out successfully the proposed objectives and tasks described in the proposal. FORTH coordinates (WP1) the LiNABioFluid proposal. It will additionally contribute to WP3, aiming to perform a combined experimental and theoretical study of fs-laser induced generation of self-organized structures at multiple length scales on inorganic materials surfaces. It also contributes to WP5, focusing on dissemination and exploitation.


forth image 01


forth image 02

Laser fabricated biomimetic artificial surface comprising micro/nano spike structures

forth image 03

forth image 04

Theoretical results and prediction of melt flow (left) and ripple, groove, spike structures formation (right)



forth ulmnp



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Ultafast Laser Micro- and Nano- Processing Group:

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